Client Attraction Method
Cameo Gore and Suzanne Adams
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The Intuitive Client Attraction Method is an 8-week program for entrepreneurs who want to magnetize high-paying clients quickly, using a dynamic mix of energy work and next-level marketing strategies.

Give The Intuitive Client Attraction Method 8 weeks and watch as you transform into a lighthouse, radiating out in a way that allows your soulmate clients to find you, hire you, and pay you.

This is where soul meets strategy, strategy meets sales, and sales meet service, so you can finally make the impact in the world you are desiring.
Hi, I am Cameo and 5 years ago I changed my entire life by jumping off the corporate ladder to follow my dream and create a freedom based business. I was ready for more flexibility in my life and wanted to spend time with the people that matter the most, my family! It really was scary to start over! And at that time I honestly had no idea where or how to find clients and if my (now 7 figure) business would even work. Many people told me that what I wanted didn't exist, but I knew in my heart that it did!

Today I am happy to say that I am living a freedom-based lifestyle and have the flexibility that I have always dreamed about. It is my mission to make it easier for those who are on a similar path and want to do the same. I know that if I can do this you can too! I have also become an author & speaker and have been selling out my programs, events, and retreats for the last 2 years. The best part is witnessing my clients having big breakthroughs in creating the businesses they once only dreamed about with ease!

I have also been featured on major media outlets such as FOX, iHeartRadio, and The Huffington Post. I would love to invite you into our community and witness you in creating a massive shift in your business by the end of the year with our Intuitive Client Attraction Method!
Hi, I am Suzanne and 4 years ago I changed my entire life and started building a career aligned with my purpose and my mission. I was terrified at first, had no idea where to find clients, and definitely didn’t know how to easily attract them. I had no idea “how” I was going to create the business I desired—but one small step at a time I was able to start to build the life and career of my dreams.

Today I am happy to say that I am a bestselling author and am speaking on stages that I once only dreamed about, (Hay House and Mindvalley!) I have been selling out programs, events, and retreats for the last 2 years and am working with clients that light me up from the inside out! The best part is my clients are also now selling out their own VIP offers, programs, and retreats!

Because of all of this success I have been featured on NBC, FOX, and The CW. I am able to spread my heart-based message to thousands of people daily and create the ripple effect of positivity my soul was born to create!

My mission is to help heart-centered entrepreneurs and leaders fully stand in their power and create an abundant business that is fully aligned with their soul. I would love to invite you into our sacred community and watch the power of the Intuitive Client Attraction Method work for you!

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